Breaking : Police Attacked Journalists In Soweto

Nov 1, 2021
Breaking : Police Attacked Journalists In Soweto picture

Police officers at Khunani Primary School ,Soweto has attacked Newzroom Afrika journalist , threatened them.According to the journalist these officers are from Orlando Police Station ,the other one is the Commander at the station.


While the newzroom Afrika journalist was about to report to the viewers , the female police officer decided to stand in front of the camera to prevent viewers from watching.


The male police officer started to accuse the journalist for disturbing the IEC presiding officer , they started to threaten the journalist with arrest.When the journalist ask them what did I do wrong ? .The female police officer grabbed the journalist camera.


Voters started to come closer to the incidence ,those who used their phones to take pictures where also threatened ,it's when the fight between the two police officers and voters started.


Journalists couldn't do their job as the Constitution of the country allows them , the viewers couldn't get the information as they have a right to know.

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