Bantu Holomisa : Our Scientists Are Not Discipline

Nov 30, 2021
Bantu Holomisa : Our Scientists Are Not Discipline picture

Major General Bantu Holomisa a leader of United Democratic Movement says the state of the nation address delivered by president Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday night has brought a lot of confusions.Holomisa "said he support all the plans to save life and economy.


"These scientist must have discipline ,who mandated them to issue statements ,they did so without the mandate from the president even from the parliament.I'm really against these briefings we got from TV ,why are we always told things via television".


Dakota Lekgoete ANC ,NEC member says as ANC they were not happy about the decision taken by other countries to punish South Africa for making announcement on a discovery of a Omicron ."Not even China was punished for Covid-19".


Democratic Alliance leader John Steenhuisen says it's good to see the government not stopping the economy to flow and not using lockdown to address covid matters.FF Plus leader Wouter Wessels and Inkatha Freedom Party spokesperson Nkululeko Hlengwa they are in support of the president decisions not to take hard lockdown restrictions.

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