Gathering of Information

(1) Type of information we collect from our visitors : (a) E - mail address (b) names

(2) Why the information is collected - We collect it notify you regarding our services which is news .

(3) How we collect the information - By means of newsletter sign up

(4) What will this information be used for and who will have access to it ? - Nobody will have access to your information except Mmadieketseng News and this information is used only for the purpose distributing our news .

(5) How would you know if our privacy policies changes including how the information will be used - Will notify you via your e mail address .

(6) For any questions relating it to our privacy statement - e mail us : [email protected]

(7) How is the information protected - Our files are secured .

(8) How to unsubscribe - Anytime you are allowed to do so ,if you can't will assist you to unsubscribe by sending the e mail to us.